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The tips on this page are geared toward using a laptop computer. The principles are clearly explained. If you are on a different kind of device, look for ways to apply the principles to your situation.

We’re looking for as neutral an alignment as possible for your habitual, default set-up. Passing through more distorted shapes for short periods of time isn’t a problem. It’s what you do all day every day that really adds up.

Let’s take a look at why that matters. To get the most out of this first video segment, stand up and have your hands free.


Did you feel a difference?

Curious to know why that happens?

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Making sense so far?

What practical steps can you take to spend your workdays in neutral shapes?

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Do you need to do a little shopping?

I promise even a very inexpensive external keyboard will make a huge improvement in how you feel. It’s well worth the investment.

How to take good care of your hands while using any keyboard?

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What’s the angle of your keyboard?

If you’re skipping along watching some videos and not others, be sure to watch the upper body segment just above.

I see many images of supposedly “ergonomically correct” workstations with keyboards at disastrous angles. Don’t do that! It’s a super quick fix that will really help.

How can you take  care of your spine and hips when you work sitting in a chair?

I’m glad you asked. On to the next video…


Do you need to do a little shopping?

If you’re interested in getting a ball to put behind your back, here are some links to get you started:

Stability ball to support your back in a chair:

Option #1Option #2Option #3


If you decide to shop around, I recommend that you choose a ball in the 9-12″ range that does NOT require a special pump to inflate (MUCH more practical for using on the go).

What if you don’t want to sit while you work?

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Ready to do a little shopping?

I much prefer to work at a standing desk and I love alternating between 2 unstable surfaces: my wobble board and my foam balance pad. Here are 2 links to get you started:

Foam Balance Pad     |     Wobble / Balance Board

Just a few closing comments left.

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Hooray, you’ve made it all the way to the end!

I really enjoyed pulling this material together for you.

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