About me

How did you find your way into your life’s work?

I started out with an interest in stories, music, dance, and language ⏤ also, a great enthusiasm for people.

That led me to become a literature major and performing musician who learned French and Mandarin and traveled the world.

Ten years of pain following a vehicle accident reset my focus to a deep study of the physical body, movement, and how we learn and grow.

I’ve been helping others out of pain for over twenty years. I know what can be lost in the face of chronic pain and illness. I know what can be gained ⏤ and found again in new forms. I help people create the freedom to make choices in their own rich and vibrant lives.

My classes are fun and interactive. We learn better when we are laughing and in good company.

How comfortable and confident are you when you move?

How does the quality of your movement affect the quality of your life?

What changes would you like to make?

What others are saying

Working with Paula has given me really simple, unnoticeable movements I can do while DJing and almost anywhere that help my  body relax. Thank you, Paula!

Natalya, DJ & Hair Practitioner

I have multiple bulging discs because of Ehler’-Danlos (hEDS). Paula has taught me gentle techniques that help when my meds don’t. I can’t recommend her enough.

Brian, Life Coach

I highly recommend Paula’s classes and her as an instructor. She’s extremely knowledgeable about the body and shares her wisdom with great visuals along with hands-on practice. I’ve been trying out some of her recommendations and finally feeling some relief with my hips.

Suzan, Life Coach

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