Does this sound like you?  

  • Afraid of falling because your balance is becoming less reliable? 

  • Concerned about your safety when you think about being active? 

  • Could an injury cause a real setback in your day-to-day abilities?

  • Does physical discomfort cause you to say no to social invitations? 

  • Is the thought of exercising or walking around the block because it’s good for you  totally uninspiring? 

I get it. There’s so much conflicting information out there. 


How can you know what will work for you? 


In fact, your own body is a reliable guide – once you learn how to give it good options and pay attention to its responses. 

Schedule a Quick-Wins call with me


We’ll review your current lifestyle and activity habits to give you some quick, practical wins.


Small changes: 

  • in how you do an activity

  • how you sequence activities

  • what you do for a minute or two before and after your existing routine


These can all make big differences in how much you enjoy and what benefits you receive from what you do. 


Price: $97 USD

Hi, I’m Paula James. I teach people like you to move in ways that reduce pain and expand your ability to do things you enjoy.


People like you who: 

  • want to solve problems, not just manage symptoms

  • enjoy learning about your body and becoming more skillful

  • are open to new ideas and new ways of moving

While it’s true that WHAT you do matters,

HOW you do it turns out to be even more important.



Did you know that some people walk in a way that aggravates their ankles, knees, hips, and back?


Small changes can make it possible to walk in a way that improves overall coordination and confidence. 


I can help with this.


I can show you small adjustments that have a ripple effect — one change causes another and another and another. For example, a small rotation of your arms invites your shoulders to move back, your chest to lift, and your head to move back over your spine. 


Core Strengthening Exercises


Did you know that some exercises done in the name of core strengthening make you vulnerable to back injuries such as herniated discs?


Those same exercises also greatly increase your risk of organ prolapse and incontinence. If you make these your primary core exercises, you can actually create imbalance — the team of core muscles is larger than the 6-pack. 


When I meet with you, I can help you choose activities more strategically and guide you to do them in ways that improve coordination, stabilize the spine, and improve standing balance. It’s even possible to use movement to reverse organ prolapse and incontinence.

Since 2001, I’ve been studying and exploring the HOW. 

The good news is that with just a little effort, A LOT is possible.

Small changes in how you sit, stand, and move around can make a huge difference in your physical comfort and your ability to do things.


I enjoy the puzzle of identifying small changes that can make a difference. I think of them as cascades: like a line of dominoes, the first adjustment can cause other changes to happen automatically — free of additional effort.

I like to make a game with clients of finding the most effective first step so that the smallest investment yields the biggest reward.

Ready for some quick wins?


Schedule a Quick Wins call with me


We’ll meet over Zoom: 

  • Together, we’ll find out what’s going on with you

  • I will put together a quick practical plan for you

  • You’ll try out some practical activities and see how they work for you


Let’s give your body something new to do and see how it responds. 

Quick Wins call: $97 USD

If you've had pain for a while, you've probably already tried lots of things that don't work.

You don't want theory or statistics about what I do, you want to know if this will work for you.

So give it a try 


Here’s a short technique video that I did for a Pain-Free Neck series in my Facebook group. 


Follow the directions and see how you feel. 


Notice any changes?  

You can learn to move so that you distribute movement and effort evenly throughout your body.

And this learning can be pleasant!


No shame or embarrassment. Bring the body you have, ask the questions that arise for you. We’re learning and growing, not performing. 


You can expect to feel seen and heard in a friendly way. I’ll acknowledge your experiences and be interested in how your body responds to new techniques.  

My Own Journey


You see, I’ve had my own experiences with chronic pain and I’ve made it through to the other side.


A minor vehicle accident in 1991 left me with 10 years of low back and neck pain. I made the rounds of health professionals: medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc. Some of them took the edge off the pain, but I still hurt all the time. 


What brought me completely out of pain was learning new ways to move.

Caring for Others


While in the depths of my pain troubles, I set the intention to map the territory so that I could be useful to other people with chronic pain. 


Since 2001, I’ve attended professional trainings in many different modalities: Yoga, Feldenkrais, Spacial Dynamics, Bones for Life, CranioSacral Therapy, and more. 


I’ve been teaching movement class full time and offering one-on-one sessions since 2002. I love it!

I witness my clients and class participants become more capable and more active in the world.

Pam was teary with frustration the first night of a walking class. Her doctor recommended that she walk for exercise, but when she did, everything hurt: her ankles, knees, hips and back. After just 3 classes, she sent the above text. 

Sarah had been diagnosed with MS. When she first came to classes, she had pain walking across a street and climbing a flight of stairs. After a few series of classes, she took a long break. When I heard from her next, she had been traveling:   “My favorite place was the temple complex in Cambodia.” 

Lenora had chronic pain after a bad slip and fall. She got great relief from a movement sequence to reset hip muscle tone and length. 

Ella loved to play piano. Over the years, back troubles crept in. When she joined the Pain-Free Neck Program, she could only play for 15 minutes before her back went into spasms. After learning to reset muscles and making some adjustments to the height of the piano bench, she is making music again.

You don't have to pretend everything is fine. Tell me about your challenges and your desires.

What does a great day look like for you? 


Imagine if you could: 

  • get up when you want and do what you want

  • enjoy a long meal at a restaurant with friends

  • go to museums and explore the world

  • walk around town for the day without any pain

  • feel good – happy, relaxed, and strong

  • play with your grandchildren

  • go for a bike ride or hike in nature

  • sew or paint or play music


Let’s brighten your world — whatever your size, ability level, or stamina. 

Let’s find some quick wins for you


Schedule a conversation


I would love to help you find some motion-based approaches: 

  • to adjust to the physical changes you’ll experience as your body ages

  • to remain safely and comfortably active as appropriate to your current situation

  • to gently and gradually expand your movement options so that you can do more of the activities you enjoy

Price: $97 USD

Media Bio

Paula James teaches women over 40 and a few amazing men to move in ways that reduce pain and to remain safely active as they age.

A minor vehicle accident in 1991 left her with 10 years of low back and neck pain. She made the rounds of medical professionals, but still hurt all the time. Finally, a few months of daily Yoga practice took her out of pain completely. She attended Yoga teacher training in 2001 and started training in the Feldenkrais Method a few months later.

Since 2002, Paula has been drawing from Yoga, Feldenkrais, and other modalities in the movement classes she teaches and in hands-on work with individual clients. These days, she offers weekly group classes via Zoom, a 6-week online Easy Pain-Free Neck Program, and 30-minute individual Workplace Strategy Sessions over Zoom.