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Clients and class participants tend to fall into groups with different priorities. I’m providing a little information for each group. If you recognize yourself and want to scroll right down to the section that most appeals, go right ahead.

Here’s the order in which you’ll find things:

♥︎ On the Move – for those who like to get something quick & practical and get back to their busy day

♥︎ Getting to Know You – for people who like to connect, form relationships, explore new things together

♥︎ Case Studies – start here if you like to know others have met with success before you try a new thing

♥︎ Why It Works – for those who like to know the science, the explanations, how the pieces fit in context

You’re all welcome. I do aim to provide something for everyone while recognizing that no one person is going to like every option. So feel free to follow your inclinations. Some of you will be more suited to quick tips in the coming blog posts. Others will want the deep dive of a session of individual packages where you and I can really connect.

On the Move

Exploring small changes in how you move can yield some surprising successes:

Straight Down the Fairway

Sam was embarrassed to golf with his buddies. He kept hitting the ball into the woods on one side of the fairway then the other.

He told me about this frustration so I led a few classes with a focus on rotation of the spine.

To Sam’s surprise and delight, he was suddenly able to keep his ball on the fairway!

He felt successful and had a lot more fun on golf outings with his friends.

Having Fun Again

Jeannie’d had low back pain for years. It cramped her style.

She attended a few series of weekly classes, then went on vacation with her family.

She came back with a big smile and shining face:

“I was out snorkeling and having fun like everybody else!”

I did it!

I love seeing participant faces shining with pride when they successfully do something challenging.

It’s fun for me to sequence team-building activities for body and brain so that the impossible becomes possible.

If you’d like little bits of input to set yourself up for success and fun at work and play, consider these:

♥︎ Workshops – get in and out, one focused topic

♥︎ Weekly Classes – a little new input each week

♥︎ Tip Videos in the Blog – these will be short videos of practical activities you can do anytime, anywhere. Coming soon!

Getting to Know You

This page is still in progress. Please check back in another day or two for a complete Getting to Know You section. 

Case Studies

This page is still in progress. Please check back in another day or two for a complete Case Studies section. 

Why It Works

This page is still in progress. Please check back in another day or two for a complete Why It Works section.

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