Online Workshops

A small investment of your time will give you real results. You’ll notice a difference right away and you’ll have techniques and strategies to take with you ⏤ to help maintain the improvements even on challenging days.

Workshops have a narrow focus. Get in. Get tips for one topic. Go on about your day.

Workshops with Paula all share similar goals:

Stop doing things that don’t work:

❌  Relying on willpower & effort

❌  Controlling & micromanaging your body

❌  Using “should” as a reason to do uncomfortable things

Instead, it’s much more effective to: 

✅  Tune your muscles

✅  Align with gravity

✅  Improve communication & coordination among all your moving parts

Upcoming Workshops

Love Your Neck & Shoulders

♥︎ Release tension


♥︎ Improve range of motion


♥︎  Feel comfortable all day

Sat May 21

12 noon – 1:30pm EDT

(9am PDT  |  5pm GMT)

$97 Regular Price

$77 Early Registration

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Love Your Hips

♥︎  Relieve hip pain


♥︎  Improve balance


♥︎  Walk with confidence

Sat June 11

12 noon – 1:30pm EDT

(9am PDT  |  5pm GMT)

$97 Regular Price

$77 Early Registration

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What others are saying

I’m finally feeling some relief with my hips!

Paula offers simple techniques that I can do at an office desk (where I spend a lot of time). It’s so easy to apply her helpful suggestions.

Suzan, Hips Workshop Participant

I highly recommend this workshop for anyone!

Though I have no pain, I learned a lot and have changed some things in my work space to prevent pain.

Grateful to Paula for her generosity and wisdom.

Mary, Neck & Shoulders Workshop Participant

Questions about whether a workshop is right for you?

I get it. Your time is valuable and you may have special requirements or cautions.

Tell me about your situation and I’ll direct you to resources that will be a good fit.

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