Welcome to the Bonus in the Pain-Free Neck Week Giveaway series. 

In this series, I have given you techniques to work directly with the neck, shoulders, and arms.

In fact, that’s not where the trouble usually starts.

It’s the victims who cry out, not the perpetrators!

Most of the time, the neck is on the receiving end of troubles that start somewhere else altogether.

In today’s bonus video, I’ll tell you who is often the main culprit and how that trouble gets set in motion.

Would you like to resolve this problem where it’s starting? 

There’s a surprising amount you can do at your work station while you are actively working on other things. 

Pre-pandemic, I mostly worked in-person with clients and students. I was bending, reaching, kneeling down on the floor and getting back up again, walking around the room. Shifting to working primarily online was a big shock for me and more physically challenging that I anticipated.

I’ve had months now to experiment and explore ways to address muscle tone, general comfort and stamina while working at a computer. I am currently recording a mini-course based on what’s working so well for me.  

The beta version will be ready soon and I’ll be looking to share it with a small group. In return for your feedback on the first version, you’ll get a substantial discount. Are you interested? 

Ready to work productively and pain-free for hours at a time? 

Click the button to join the waiting list and I’ll let you know as soon as the new program is released: