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Welcome to video 5 of 5 in

the Pain-Free Neck Week gift series!

Does sitting feel tiring or unpleasant for you?

Do you get fidgety or find yourself collapsing into slumps that you know are not a good idea?

It may not be your fault.

In this video, you’ll see some tips on how to make sure your chair actually supports you (and how to fix it easily and cheaply if it’s not already).

You’ll also learn some quick and simple things you can do with your pelvis to set your spine up for success.

And don’t worry — I won’t shake my finger at you about the right way to sit.

It’s important to know that there is no one perfect way to sit.

After 10-15 minutes in any one position, some muscles will start to fatigue.

You really need at least 3-4 good sitting positions and then rotate among them.

This video presents some of the key elements of a good sitting position. You can choose variations to suit yourself and your work stations.

Here are some guidelines to get you started.

You might be thinking that we’re done. After all, this is video 5 in a 5-video series.

However, I have a bonus video for you.

In this series, I have given you techniques to work directly with the neck, shoulders, and arms.

In fact, that’s not where the trouble usually starts.

It’s the victims who cry out, not the perpetrators!

Most of the time, the neck is on the receiving end of troubles that start somewhere else altogether.

In tomorrow’s bonus video, I’ll tell you who is often the main culprit.

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