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The tips on this page are geared toward using a laptop computer.

If you are on a different kind of device, apply the principles to your situation.

We’re looking for a good default posture. 

These videos will show you why good posture matters and how simple it is to achieve. 

To get the most out of this first video, stand up and have your hands free. 


Did you feel a difference?

Curious to know why that happens?

On to the next video…


Making sense so far?

What practical steps can you take to spend your workdays in neutral shapes?

On to the next video…


A few gadgets can make a big difference

I promise even a very inexpensive external keyboard will make a huge improvement in how you feel. It’s well worth the investment.

How to take good care of your hands while using any keyboard?

On to the next video…


What’s the angle of your keyboard?

If you’re skipping along watching some videos and not others, be sure to watch the upper body segment just above.

I see many images of supposedly “ergonomically correct” workstations with keyboards at disastrous angles. Don’t do that! It’s a super quick fix that will really help.

How can you take  care of your spine and hips when you work sitting in a chair?

I’m glad you asked. On to the next video…


Sources for back supports:

If you’re interested in getting a ball to put behind your back, here are some links to get you started:

Stability ball to support your back in a chair:

Option #1Option #2Option #3


If you decide to shop around, I recommend that you choose a ball in the 9-12″ range that does NOT require a special pump to inflate (MUCH more practical for using on the go).

What if you don’t want to sit while you work?

On to the next video…


Sources for balance pads & wobble boards:

I much prefer to work at a standing desk and I love alternating between 2 unstable surfaces: my wobble board and my foam balance pad. Here are 2 links to get you started:

Foam Balance Pad     |     Wobble / Balance Board

Just a few closing comments left.

On to the next video…


Hooray, you’ve started!

You’re body’s loving you!

Give your neck & shoulders a little love and they’ll smile back at you. The Love Your Neck & Shoulders workshop is coming up.

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  • Employees & Contractors working remotely

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