Pain-Free Work Day Mini-Course Draft Videos

Take 2 – after input from Dung and James

Probably, this segment should now get renamed something like: 

Why Hip Tension Matters


Equipment for getting started comes next. It’s a super-quick look at what they’ll need for the next few segments. 


Take 2 – Input from Dung and James

I changed the beginning of this one quite a bit and also added a client story during one of the one-minute activities. 

The explanation of how slackening works has been moved to this video. 

Take 1 – before Dung and James

This video starts the real teaching. 

It’s longer than the others, but still under 10 minutes. 

Take 1 – before Dung and James

The first module of this course is Muscle Length

Intro to Slackening is the first video in that module.