Pain-Free Movement for Dad


A Father’s Day Gift that will last a lifetime

Our dads do a lot of heavy lifting — this can take a toll on the neck, back, and shoulders.

Treat a dad in your life to a Pain-Free Dad session

Small adjustments to how he moves can make a big difference in how he feels during and after any daily life activity. Quick and effective exercises can give him a reset at the end of a long day.


Give a gift to improve quality of life

A Pain-Free Dad session is a 30-minute individual session (one-on-one) that meets over Zoom.

Your Dad will choose one area of focus. For example, if your Dad does a lot of work around the house, he might choose: 

  • bending and reaching (at the workbench, on the car)
  • working with arms overhead (wiring, plumbing)
  •  working on fine motor activities without hunching

A dad who sits a lot for work might choose: 

  • remaining comfortable while driving long distances
  • working comfortably at the computer

Together, we will look at: 

  • Small changes to the physical space so that it better supports the individual 
  • Small changes to to alignment so that he generates less stress and tension during the activity 
  • A short sequence of exercises he can do after the activity to quickly and effectively reset tense muscles 

Pain-Free Dad Session

30-minute individual session over Zoom

Pain-Free Dad sessions are $50 (save 33% until June 20) 

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Who is Paula James?

For almost 20 years, Paula has been teaching people to move in ways that reduce pain and allow them to remain safely active as they age. 

A minor vehicle accident in 1991 left her with 10 years of low back and neck pain. She made the rounds of medical professionals, but still hurt all the time.

Learning to move differently took her out of pain completely. She began attending professional trainings in physical movement and alignment and has been teaching and working with individual clients since 2001. 

Paula grew up in metro-Detroit where real dads spent winter evenings and weekends in basement workshops making sawdust. Summer free time saw them tinkering with cars and projects in the garage. Whether the dad in your life is achy from sitting at a computer or working on plumbing, she can help. 

“I can spend time bending and reaching in my workshop without any neck or shoulder trouble.”


Sam loved to spend time making sawdust in his workshop. After years of this, he began to feel achy in his neck and shoulders while bending over the workbench, especially to complete projects requiring fine-motor attention. Disturbingly, he started to wake up in the morning already stiff and sore. Learning some activities to reset his muscles and how to use his arms without tensing his neck has made a huge difference.

“This helps me be ready to play and enjoy time with my children.” 


Previously, Ted had back pain that left him tired and cranky at the end of his work day. He would come home looking to check out and recuperate from his day, resting so that he could manage to go back to work again the next day. Now, he’s able to remain comfortable even while working so he comes home ready to play and have some fun.