Better Balance Workshop Replay & Resources


Hello, Earthlings!

This is the recording of the workshop from 17 Dec 2022

Resources mentioned during class:

Foam Balance Pad

Wobble Board

There are many possible good options for each of the above. You can purchase from the links provided (I get no commission) or use these search terms to find other similar products.

For the wobble board, I like the one that is adjustable. This means that it can be made to have more or less tilt.

I almost always use mine on the less tilt setting. I’m not cultivating extreme positions. I’m looking to wake up my balance system and give joints and muscles something to do.

⚠️ CAUTION! ⚠️

The first few days, only spend a few minutes experimenting with an unstable surface. Play around for 5-10 minutes and then give yourself a break.

You will move joints and use muscles that haven’t been called into action for a long time. Give them a chance to gradually get used to being in the game again.

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